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Discrepancies between FL on ATC route and OFP waypoint to waypoint FL

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Hi, All.


So, ATC route goes as:
"ATC ROUTE: N0440F360/N0440F380 DIPI6A ARBOS UL47 EPL UM624 JARNY/N0441F360
           UM624 ROUSY/N0441F370 M624 DIK/N0442F380 M624 BUB L608
           INLOD/N0465F180 L608 SUMUM Y6 IDESI IDES1A"


Just disregard the up and down typical of an automated generated route in European airspace.


However, if I were to follow this ATC route, I would expect to initially climb to FL360. However, the OFP as below shows initial of FL380 and then, somehow after the TOC, descend to 360, crossing NANCY at 360. 


The ATC route would indicate that ONLY AFTER JARNY, I would start descent to 360.





Same for ROUSY, ATC Route: "ROUSY/N0441F370" .. ATC could expect me to ask to CLB to 370 after ROUSY but the OFP is showing a continuous CLB to 380.


Not to speak of INLOD, where the ATC shows "INLOD/N0465F180", which means I would request to DES to FL180 after INLOD. Instead, the OFP shows I had started DES way to FL180 as early as 6 miles past DENUT (Boundary Waypoint), meaning I would have started DES 46 miles before INLOD.  




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Hi, Thanks for the reply.


What kind of issues could there be re FL?


Issues like the following?


I see there is a short DES in CRZ to cross DIK but the predecessor route as well as the successor would have allowed for the same CRZ level to be maintained. Wonder what the reason is if the winds do not seem to be that much of a significant factor here.



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Alright. I think I will revert to 2.03 if that is the preferred approach.



For the LSGG to EGSS, I am attaching the first page and the relevant page where the DIK station is shown (where that small FL change occur just to be brought back to the INI CRZ LVL




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Thanks for your time. I've seen your contribution around the forum and I find it really nice from you to help.


Anything I can do to provide further input? lost me at the cruise table with the airway changes needs revision.


Can I slip one more question? After reverting to v2.03 the local times for the UK are now +2h ahead of UTC where it should be +1h vs UTC. I vaguely remember this issue back in '17 when I started using the program. Any help would be much appreciated.

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My bad. I mistakenly took LSGG for EGSS. LSGG is actually +2 UTC. Thanks for clarifying.


Going back to the cruise table awy change... anything I can do here or it is down to the developer? 

42 minutes ago, srcooke said:

The same glitch occurs at ROUSY using v2.03.


The cruise table of the airway changes with M624, would need to look closer at just what the levels are.



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I really don't understand why this route proves to be that tricky.


I have done another attempt LSGG-EGSS with v2.3 either at OPT FL or MAX FL and despite asking for High Level awys, PFPX will insist with this routing:




Forcing it to stay around FL180


***edit: sorted now, just had to clear the route and request it again. 

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