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Aerosoft addons at Contrail

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after a critical remark on the Aerosoft full updates




I was surpized there were no replies, so it's obviously only me and I apologize.


However, I was even more surprized to see Aerosoft added to the Contrail application initiated by FlightBeam recently. All the MSFS products I bought and installed via the AS Updater (like Berlin Brandenburg, Bali, Cologne, to name only a few) are there to configure and update.


I find this a very welcome move -  even more as I didn't see any mention of it here in this forum. Can someone from Aerosoft elaborate on this? Will Control remove the AS Updater or rather augment it? Obviously, it's even possible to buy AS products via Contrail (didn't try this yet, though).


Kind regards, Michael

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