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Aerosoft, please ease the Updates

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I own nearly all Aerosoft MSFS addons. This morning, the updater shows me 4 MSFS products I own having updates available:





Simwings Hamburg


None of them can be updated automatically via the Updater. This means, I will have to login into my account, redownload the full installers, unzip them, start the installation and find and reenter the product credentials (for some products the 3rd or 4th time already). I find this process more and more time-wasting and outmoded, even more, as ORBX Central and the Contrail app used by Flightbeam and others streamlined updates without full re-downloads and re-entry of product credentials.


When the Aerosoft Updater appeared a few years ago, I was in hope it would provide a similar user-friendly automatic update mechanism for the future, but I rather detect a tendency to return to full reinstalls these days. Even if the product might require a full re-install because of technical reasons, the AS Updater could uninstall the previous version and redownload and install the new one without user intervention.


And yes, I understand AS only acts as a distributor in some cases, but this applies to ORBX, too - and all of the products available via ORBX Central, including the partner products, can be updated automatically.


Thanks for considering and kind regards,


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I wholeheartedly agree and would love to see a solution similar to OrbX Central. Having to juggle a ton of installers that can often not be updated with ASUpdater is so 1999.

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7 minutes ago, Mathijs Kok said:

We are working very hard on a much better system that will sort this all out.


I *love* to hear that. Wishing you all luck with it.


Kind regards, Michael


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Hi Mathijs,

I have the same problems with the actual version It shows no installed products, which is nonsense. 

Any ideas concerning a release date for the new uploader shown as blurred image?





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