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HoneyComb Configurator (Newest Version) Does Not Retain Settings for Bravo Throttle when Saved. JSON does not contain values.

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I've been working on configuring my Honeycomb Bravo Throttle with XPlane 11 (beta). I'm looking at the JSON available in C:\X Plane Beta\X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins\AFC_Bridge\honeycomb_profiles. When trying to configure the AP buttons, I'm running into the following problem (The example will be for the Heading Button: Button 1 per Xplane Throttle Depiction)


I make the modifications to the Configurator, but they don't STICK in the configurator, and are not reflected in the JSON in the profile (Started with the Default_Throttle profile).


Image 1

This is where I begin to configure the variable for HDG button.


Image 2

Typing in and chosing the sim/autopilot/heading dataref


Image 3

Showing the chosen dataref


Image 4

After configuring another button, and returning to the HDG button, the variable dropdown no longer contains sim/autopilot/heading, but is empty, ready to be set to a value.



Checking the JSON for ButtonNumber 1 (which according to the display for the "joystick" in X-plane is the HDG button), there's no elements in the JSON string.


What's going on here? Do I have something in the wrong place, or is this expected behavior? I can't find a version on the configurator, but it was just downloaded yesterday from the HoneyComb Site. I'm running Windows 10.


Thanks for the help,





Configure 1.JPG

Configure 2.JPG

Configure 3.JPG

Configure 4.JPG


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  • Administrator

Hi Imp and welcome to our forums,


I have moved you into our dedicated X-Plane forum.


Thanks for the report...this is indeed a bug that will be fixed in the next version of the configurator package. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Hello Imparatus,


I think it's better to map your AP knobs in the x-plane menu. The datarefs are only useful for mapping the INC-DEC rotary knob and for the leds. But maybe I did not understood what you were wanted to do.

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