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Status of charts apps?


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I’ve been gone for some time and while my current *other* charts service subscription is running out, I’m assessing my options. As I prefer LIDO over Jeppesen, I think about switching to NDPro again. I have only two questions that are elementary for my decision (things like moving map or overlays etc is not important to me), since I’m not up to date with the current state of development..... maybe somebody can answer those:


1. on the iPad app, is it possible to pin charts now?

2. if I pin charts on the PC/desktop app, will they show pinned on the iPad app as well? 
3. if I mark charts as favourite, will they show on the favourites tab across all apps (desktop/iOS)?

4. can I pan/now zoom the charts with common touchscreen gestures?

5. will the iPad/desktop apps remember my login data if I wish (or work with pw-managers like LastPass)? 


I’d be thankful for any help/comment,

Thanks & cheers,



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