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Dear Aerosoft,

I know your hands must me full of work with your projects, but wanted to ask if you would see  feasible  an A310-200/300  for MSFS. Once thete was one from SSW, but thats long time ago. A mixed tech like this,made by you  could be a success I think, a plane able to fly medium range and ETOPS long hauls.


What do you tell me ?

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  • Administrator

I kinda doubt it, you're among the first I remember to ask for an A310 ever since I'm in flight simulation and that is a couple of years now.

The A300 back in the day wasn't much of a success either if I remember right. But who knows, there's a dev working on an A300 for MFS if I'm not mistaken, maybe they'll do an A310 afterwards. We'll see.

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