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1. I've read a lot about this error, where P3D would CTD and this error showing, and yes I also read that it has to do with my own windows or so.

I however only have this issue when flying CFD. As soon as I start a flight alone (in any of the busses) it all works fine. Only when flying CFD it crashes to desktop (fairly often), showing this error. 

Was this reported before that it only shows this error when flying CFD?


2. To fix this issue, what of the Redistributables do I have to delete and reinstall? I have a lot from 2005-2019, in another post I read I only need to reinstall the 2015 one or 2017 or whatever. Can someone help me out?


Best wishes!


BTW. P3D V4.5 (newest version) + newest version of the busses

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