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[Request] PFPX export gfp flight plans for Garmin GTN series

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I´ve seen that there was a similar topic about 4 years ago in 2016, as Garmin published a new trainer version (1.17 !?), which was able to load flight plans.

Since then, I´m not sure sure but please correct me, there was no implementation for exporting flight plans in "gfp" format for the Garmin Trainers in PFPX, right?


Unfortutenaly the Garmin series (RXP, or F1 - GTN750 in my case) is not able to have a "dual installation" -> in meaning of the two units are connected and sharing all data. I do have a dual stack of the GTN750 in my plane, but if I want to have the routing in both units, I need to enter them individually into each unit.


After some research, I found meanwhile that some other (freeware) flight planning tools have this already implemented for a while and I´m asking myself if there would be the opportunity to have this very helpful feature

here in PFPX as well?

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