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This effect is not part of the scenery, do you have any general ground poly or pavement addon installed? Does this happen if you set the ground to dry in the weather menu (after change you maybe have to reload scenery to see an effect)?

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Try the following: Start a new flight at EGCC with manual weather and use weather preset scattered, in the customize weather menu you can see the runway condition in the lower right section - this has to be 'dry'. Make sure this is true and then start a flight and check if it's still shiny. If it's not shiny go back to the weather menu and set runway condition to wet and reload scenery afterwards to see if this has an effect on this.


I made a wet surface effect for EGCC but I think the airport has not been updated since then and further my effect looks very different to what your screenshot shows so I think this must be something else. The original version does not have a wet surface effect and the ground should always be dry but with some soft reflections as seen on my screenshot above.



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