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Apology from Australian Airlines VA

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We have been advised by AEROSOFT that some members at AAVA  have been uploading pirated software via the Aussie Airlines public upload box,
a system designed to share freeware aircraft and programs, that enhance the user experience of flight sim.

This box was public and open, and not monitored or moderated by AAVA  and this has now been seen as a gross oversight.

Australian Airlines VA is a small community based VA, but will not be part of piracy and have advised members of the stringent and serious fines and consequences of software piracy,
not only to the individual users but also to the VA. AAVA also strongly advises other communities and users to monitor files and systems in order to stamp out piracy.

AAVA has now removed the upload box, and link from the website.

AAVA apologizes to all those affected by this oversight including the software companies, hosting providers and service providers involved.
AAVA has taken immediate action for this situation not to occur again, and advised members as a general announcement to purchase all aircraft
from the rightful owner if they wish to use them.

Thank you.

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