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sam suite 2 with more than one instance of x-plane

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How to handle SAM2 suite if you are running more than one instance of x-plane?

Just swap path entries in SAM2 before starting other x-plane instance? 

What is the correct way to not mess up my productive instance when trying SAM2 with a test instance of x-plane?

Thanks a lot.

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Hello Sir,


please install the actual SAM2 Suite:


This SAM2 Suite will recognize your SAM2 Installations automatically for the configured X-Plane 11 Folder path...

The SAM2 Suite must not started when you fly with X-Plane 11.

The Suite is only a programm for installing/updating the SAM2 Plugin and the Extensions and for the activation of the payware Extension SAM_WorldJetways.


Start the SAM2 Suite.

Choose your X-Plane 11 folder. (see picture).

Then install with the Suite the SAM2 Plugin and the extensions you want.


Then start the SAM2 Suite again and choose yor other X-Plane 11 installation path.

Then install the SAM2 Plugin and your Extension again.

May be use the Refresh (left of the red arrow in the screenshot) or the Reset Button to reread and see the actual SAM2 Installations.


Then close the SAM2 Suite.


Now you can use the SAM2 Plugin ... with your X-Plane 11 installation....




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