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I have updated my PFPX to 2.03 and getting nothing displayed on the world map. The map window and relevant icons are there but no route, airways, etc. Please tell me this is something simple.

I have run the compatability troubleshooter (recommended Win8) to no avail.


Running on Win 10 32 bit with default location settings.


Many thanks for any help.



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Unfortunately I am still getting the same problem.

Hovering the cursor does highlight waypoints but they are not visible with everything else toggled on.

Using Win7 compatibilty and running as admin.


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Could you post a snapshot of the main PFPX program folder Stuart to see if the maps are missing.


You have tried reset windows option from the layout drop box top right?


You could try backing up/deleting registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\FlightSimSoft.com\PFPX , this would require you to re-enter the registration code and reconfigure settings.

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