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Version 1.16 of Flightplan Visualizer released


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Version 1.16 have just been released, and it can be downloaded from AVSIM using this link:


I urge to you to watch the video released with version 1.11 (available via the help-menu) as it tells you how you can manage your flightplans. A video explaining most of the changes in version 1.16 have also been uploaded to YouTube and link for this video is also available via the help-menu.


Below is the entire list of all changes implemented in version 1.16, but the two major things is being able to download and install AIG flightplans directly from FV and filters and a few more criteria added to the leg search (e.g. you can now search for flights departing or arriving within a specified time-interval). List of changes:


  • First of all a big THANK YOU to AIG (Alpha India Group) for allowing me to add features to both download their flight-plans (actually a feature suggested by Kai Kamjunke who is one of the developers of AIG AIM and other AIG tools) and access their list of defunct/renamed flightplans. While giving thanks, I also want to thank all (AI) aircraft-model creators, repainters and those who create all the flightplans ... our virtual sky would not be the same without your hard and dedicated work.
  • Added new form to download or install AIG flightplans (downloaded directly from the AIG-servers). The form will identify all flightplans that are newer than those already installed or flightplans that are not currently installed. You can simply double-click a flightplan and it will be directly installed without the need to first download the file, and then choose to import this file.
  • Both the new flightplan download- and the enable/disable flightplan- form contains a button which download- and show a list of defunct/renamed flightplans (obtained directly from the AIG forum).
  • If you create a user-Airline while importing a flight-plan, when you return to the import-form you will be asked if you want to use that newly created flightplan (saves you from having to open the airline-browser and search-for/select that user-airline).
  • Added Flightplan-, Airline- and Aircraft-filter to the top of the leg-search form to filter the items shown in the listviews.
  • The "Select All" and "Select None" buttons now only (de)select visible items (if a filter is active there might be more items not displayed). However holding SHIFT while pressing these buttons, ALL items will be (de)selected no matter if they are shown or not.
  • Replaced the two airport entry fields (in the leg-search form) with filter combo-boxes (MRU) so you can now enter a filter-text to filter which airports to include (the default filter is using ICAO-codes so the old functionallity is preserved).
  • Added filters to search for legs with specific flight-numbers and/or served by aircraft with specific registrations.
  • When setting up a filter, sub-elements of the same type can now be separated by "/" so you only have to enter the type-name once (e.g. "country=dnk/nor/swe"). The pipe-char ("|") can be uses in stead if you prefer (e.g. "country=dnk|nor|swe").
  • Now both "?" and "%" can be used as a single char wildcard in the filters ("?" is a DOS wildcard, whereas "%" is a  SQL-wildcard).
  • Added "#" as a wildcard for a single numeric value (0-9) in filters.
  • Added "@" as a wildcard for a single alpha value (A-Z) in filters.
  • Improved detection of invalid filter-text, which changes the text-color into red, to indicatet that the filter is invalid.
  • The ISO3 country-code is now visible in the country combo-boxes in the leg-search form (these codes can be used in the airline- and airport- filters).
  • Likewise 3-char Region- and Sub-region -codes have been added to their respective combo-boxes (these codes can also be used in the airline- and airport- filters).
  • Saving the leg-search criteria will no longer require the input to be validated. E.g. you can now save the criteria where no aircraft have been selected. If you want to make sure that the criteria is valid for a search, please perform a search before you save the criteria.
  • Flightplan-filter added to the "Re-process flightplans" form.
  • Aircraft-filter added to the "Choose favorite aircraft-types" form. Also a few extra columns were added to the aicraft list-view.
  • The Decode-METAR/TAF form now allows the user to manually enter METAR/TAF messages, and the form can now be opened directly from the main-menu (in case you optain METAR/TAF from other sources and need to decode it).
  • Added a new button to the Randomizer form which lets you pick a random route (there is already a button to pick a random flight). The difference is the statistical chance of the chosen route.
  • Added 2 columns to the runways listview in the Airport-info form showing head/cross-wind based on selected wind-direction/speed (automatically updated from the obtained METAR report).
  • When accepting the result of a leg-search the previous used criteria (if different) are now archived. So you are able to load the 5 last used search criteria.
  • The Result-viewer form now have a "Top-most" check-box. When checked that form will be shown on top of all other windows. This allows you to have this form shown on top of other forms (e.g. if you need to enter data from a metar-message into the FMC in the simulator).
  • Many of the result-viewer forms now opens non-modal, meaning it can be displayed next to the window form where it was opened and you can switch between the two (you might need to use the new "Top-most" check-box for the best result). When closing the form from where the result-viewer was opened, the result-viewer will be closed as well.
  • Likewise the Unit Conversion form also got the "Top-most" check-box in case you want to display this window on top of another program (e.g. if you have paper-work with weight based on kg and you need to enter the weights into a FMC/MCDU that only accepts lbs (or vice versa).
  • The "Copy to clipboard" buttons on the METAR/TAF-decode form, and the Leg-Info form have been replaced by a "Show Report" button in stead. This new button will in stead show the text in the Result-viewer form (if you need to, it can be clipped to the clipboard from there).
  • Below the (left/right) list-views in the "Enable/disable flightplans" form you now find a label showing two numbers. The 1st number shows the number of items (flightplans) shown in the list-view, and the 2nd number (in the parentheses) shows the number of selected items.
  • When importing a flightplan where the aircraft-type can not be detected, the "lines" assigned to the "DUMMY AIRCRAFT" are now all automatically selected. So it is easy to just hit the "Change Aircraft type" button in case there is just a single, or multiple that should have the same type assigned.
  • Hoovering the mouse over the gate-markers in the Airport-info form, the tool-tip now contains the GPS-position of the gate. Likewise editing the gate the caption of the edit window contains the GPS-position.
  • Added airport size to "FS Comment" column in the "Nearby Airports" form.
  • Added line-breaks to the METAR/TAF tool-tips displayed in the Leg-info form (line-breaks also included in the report).
  • Fixed: There was a nasty bug in the "Legs" tab-page of the Airport-Info form where the same time-zone was used for both departure- and destination-airport when showing the departure-/destination-times as local times, even if departure- and destination-airports were in different time-zones.
  • Fixed: The value of the "Calculated flighttime" check-box in the leg-search form was not set to the loaded value.
  • Fixed: If one of your user-airlines had a blank callsign, it would list all airlines with a blank callsign as alternatives. Now it will only try to match non-blank callsigns.
  • Fixed: The METAR/TAF decoder was not able to correctly detect a fraction visibility if following variable wind (e.g. "210V290 3/8SM").
  • Fixed: Some of the combo-boxes in the leg-search form were enabled for text-entry, where the user should only be able to pick a value.
  • Fixed: If "[None]" was selected and you executed a leg-search the "Edit" button remained disabled when you returned to the main form.
  • Data: While testing some of the new filters I saw a few erros in the aircraft data (e.g. a few freight aircraft had a non-zero passenger count and other minor issues like that), which were fixed.
  • Data: Thanks to Bruce Nicholson for bringing it to my attention that DC-9-15F was not being detected in version 1.15. Now all the DC-9 sub-variants should be detected correctly (e.g. 9-11/12/13/14...51 both pax and freight). The same better sub-variant detection was added to the DC-8's and DC-10's as well.
  • Data: Thanks to Aucery for bringing it to my attention that some of the (BizJet) aircraft were not being detected, or not being detected correctly. The King Air 250/300 should now be detected correctly as are Hawker-700/1000, Mitsubishi MU-300, IAI Astra Jet 1125, Cessna T210/T303, and Dornier 328JET/PROP.
  • Flightplans: All new/updated flightplans have been added to the installer, and all obsolete have been removed. A total of 765 active flightplans are bundled with the installer.


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