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SAM2 Suite

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From now on there is the SAM Suite availabe, which automates the installation of the SAM2 base plugin (with all additions).

It is a program available for Windows 10, MAC and Linux.

SAM Suite can be downloaded here:


Please just install and then start.

The path to the installed X-Plane 11 folder may still have to be entered.

Then the SAM Suite should recognize and display an already installed SAM2.

If not, then you can install the SAM Base Plugin and / or the additions with the "Download" Buttons.

If there is an update available, you can see it in the suite and update it (by download).

Otherwise the suite is very self-explanatory.


(EDIT: 01.01.2021): For more Infos, descriptions, problems and support, please visit the page from the developers:



Please note:

The plugin SAM2 and the extensions Seasons, Static Aircrafts, Global Trees and the Scenery Developer Pack are freeware.

The WorldJetways is a payware extension and is not required for pay or freeware airports that have been programmed to be compatible with SAM (such as Manchester, for example)

The World Jetways automatically animate only most X-Plane 11 standard 3D airports (global airports).

If you buy the WorldJetways, you get a key with which you can unlock them in the SAM2 plugin (license ...).


Greets Heinz

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