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Wrong dispay of the Turn Coordinator-Libella


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X-plane 11.41; Cessna 172 Skyhawk
See attached files:
Although wind direction comes exactly from flight direction 210 (see also heading instrument) and the wind has a speed of 0 knots, the Turn Coordinator libella is not in the middle.
The joystick is calibrated. With keyboard (7) = rudder to the right I can correct this.
On the ground the display of libella is correct in the middle.
Error of the program or what can be the reason?


Cockpit_aereo libellula2.jpg

Cockpit_aereo libellula.jpg


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With the help of the excellent program LittleNavMap I could see that the off-centered display of the libella during the flight still does not mean yawing.

In the LittleNavMap program the course offset between the desired course and the deviation due to wind or yawing is displayed graphically.

With the standard offset of the bubble level to the right the set course is identical with the deviating course.
If I want to correct the supposed mistake by pressing the 7 key, so that the bubble level is in the middle, I get a course offset.

Based on your experience, does this mean an error in program X-Plane 11.41?
But if so, why do I seem to be alone with the description of the phenomenon?

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