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Possible issue with MkRwy 4.89.1


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I had what seamed to be a bug in FV, that I spend a large part of the day to track down. It turned out that when I used MkRwy to scan my scenery, it did not report back the correct elevation values for the airports (e.g. the elevation of UUEE was reported as 62992 ft, which resulted in the leg-search feature not working correctly). I found out returning to version 4.84 of MkRwy, the airport elevations were once again correct.


So if you run into any issues, please check airport elevations.

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It turns out that the newer version of MkRwy write the elevation as a floating point where the old used integer:


Version 484 write it as: <Altitude>630</Altitude>

Version 4891 write it as: <Altitude>629.92</Altitude>


So next release of FV will fix this issue no matter if you use 4.84 or 4.89.1 🙂

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