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EDDK very low FPS in VR

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With the new EDDK scenery I get very low Frame Rate in X-Plane 11.41 especially in VR even with setting everything to lowest settings in Configuration tool. When starting a flight with the Zibo 737 at Gate C5 in 2D the FPS is around 45 - 50. As soon as I switch to VR mode in X-Plane 11 the FPS drops down to 13. Any Idea?

My Specs are: i7-7700k @4.6 GHz, Nvidia GTX-1080 (8GB), X-Plane 11.41, Plugins running/Addons: Active Sky XP, UWXP 2.5.1, Ortho4XP Tiles at ZL16, X-Europe V3, 3jFPS




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Short Update: the problem described below only occurs when parked at one of the Gates close to Airport bulidings. I also tried with the default C172 - same issue: stable 60+ FPS in 2D and drops down to 13 FPS when switching to VR. As soon as I change the postion to one of the Runways or Helipad (not close to any Building or Gate) the FPS jumps up to stable 27 in VR (this is my fixed FPS due to ASW mode of Oculus Rift). I also attached the "log.txt" from X-Plane 11 from these trials here.


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