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EDDT ILS 26R/08L arrow on CAT minima

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For EDDT charts "ILS or LOC 26R" and "ILS or LOC 08L" a part of the CAT minima is currently covered by a large black arrow. Is that arrow supposed to be there or some rendering issue with those documents? The small arrow in the right lower corner refers to "additional minima [...] on the last IAC page" (i.e. "WxMinima Overflow") according to the 2014 LIDO documentation I have at hand but it seems that the large arrow is somewhat out of place (especially since it covers numbers which I would not expect on aeronautical charts). The arrow is visible in both the Windows application and when accessing the webpage using latest Chrome. I already noticed that arrow yesterday before access to/rendering of the charts was restored. The chart pages have become effective in June and August, but I am not aware that I would have seen that arrow previously. "WxMinima Overflow" does not list Cat 2 for 08L so I don't think that arrow should mean to substitute any information.



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This is a problem with files from LHS. I tried few different SVG parsers and it all turns out with more or less bad results. Their PDF charts do not display these issues hence we are working to get next set as geo referenced pdf's - there are just too many rendering issues with SVG. We'll keep you informed.

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