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EGLL - Editing Active Runways

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I am using Aerosoft (SimWings) EGLL with Traffic Global however, all flights arrive and depart from one runway (eg 09R/27L).  Traffic Global uses the airport file for all AI operations.  I am trying to set up two runways dedicated for arrivals and departures (like in real life 09L arr and 09R depart).  However, WED does not detect a WED file in EGLL.  If you then import the apt file into WED the runway rules options are greyed out.  Is there a way to set one runway for departures only and the other for arrivals? I have had no success in editing the apt file manually.  In addition, the start locations are incorrect,  aircraft will enter the runway from the second last entry point rather than the first entry point at the end of the runway?


Many thanks for any help

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