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Well I have been active tester of FSX and P3D for some years and have slowly been moving to X-plane and other simulators..  so some of you might know me already.


I have more or less skipped FSX and moved to X-plane, as it worked out better, as well as the option to use other operating system like Linux. I how ever had been a way due to some things I would not involve all in. but am looking out for doing some work, either as tester or promotor, as I have worked by quite some things, and as it is now, I dont have the option to go the way I wanted as PROFESSION. also it would be better for me as the current work is very hard for the body.. cant say to much due to the company policy. So I try to get back and do some work in the privat.


I have had a some ideers like Doing promotional work or video reviews and done some videos but not that grate even I have intensively producing content by the youtube channel lately. As some of the problem we sometimes get is some thing the more complex aircrafts is difficult where I am in a position of showing how to work around the tricky stuff and operate aircrafts as they often is simulated to a given level and not entirely real, and that way you know. But anther thing I feel about reviews are, they often sound to good as it is mostly positive you hear even it is that you learn you should keep critical to things you hear or in such an situation, it is not more different then watching a video and you sometimes got a very critical review and it is how it is, BUT it can also be the other way around.


I say so for some X-Plane add-ons, because a lot of potential projects, are released and not fully done, often we see a long list of to do and reviews say it is coming but it sadly is not true, in the end. Or 1 major problem in the x-plane world is that insted of releasing the updates they do a whole new project and name it version 2 3 or so on.. And then you pay again, sometimes even loos the previus version you bought.


I feel it is to easy to release a project and say tested by real world pilots, yes it can be, but no one tell how close they feel it came, because some things might not be worth investing the time and money in, as well as who is the primary target for your project.


when that is said if we should talk about development and pricing, FSX,P3D is cheep if we look at the work by custom codes and all that if we look at some projects, where x-plane projects seem to have a high price tag for something that is more stock coding. not all is that way but some projects. but that was a side note..



But I am very open for work and a privat talk by some developers / Companys about development testing / quality assurance or Promotional stuff. just keep it to privat chat. As I really work for the good stuff, even at my current work even it should not be me that introduce new procedures and standards as a general worker in my current pay grade. but simply cant stop to make work more efficient procedures. 

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