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Version 1.11 of Flightplan Visualizer released

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Version 1.11 have just been released, and its available for download from AVSIM using this link:


The file-format of the flightplans was changed and as a result the program will show a lot of warnings the first time you start version 1.11 after the upgrade (basically it just tell you that the format was changed). I've recorded a video describing what is new in version 1.11 and the start of this video tells you have to manage your flightplans. I urge to to at least watch this first part of the video: 


Here is a list of what have changed in version 1.11:

  • The file-format of the Flightplan-files was changed to accommodate some planed changes. The program remains backward compatible, so "old" flightplans can still be loaded. I wanted to implement these changes BEFORE I began importing new flightplans, to ensure these new/updated flightplans are all utilizing the new format. On startup the old flightplans will automatically be converted to the new format.
  • The new installer now comes bundled with 540 commercial flightplans (schedules:22291, legs:699158) whereas the old one "only" contained 300 commercial flighplans (schedules:16786, legs:536198). All BizJet flightplans were removed from the installer and are now available as a separate download.
  • A new settings-form have been added to eliminate the need to manually edit the settings-file using a text-editor.
  • A new menu-item have been added which opens an explore window browsing the content of the UserData folder.
  • Individual (disabled) flightplan-files can now be permanently deleted via the "Enable/disable flightplans" form.
  • Flightplan sub-folders (with exception of "Disabled") can now be marked as "enabled" (using a check-box). Meaning that the flightplans in these will be also loaded on startup (along with the files in the root-folder).
  • Using the "Enable/disable flightplans" form you can now both move and copy flightplans (based on the value of the radio-buttons).
  • A creator-field have been added to flightplans, which can be entered when you import/edit a flightplan. The name of the creator is displayed as a tool tip when hoovering the mouse over the combo-box in the bottom of the main-form.
  • When importing new Flightplans the program will try to grab creator and provider from the files bundled with the flightplan. Likewise a button is added to the import-form which list the content of the text-files (e.g. "ReadMe.txt"), in case you need to manually grab the creators name from this file.
  • Both when importing- and editing flightplans a new column have been added to the airport list-view containing comments regarding airports that have been redirected (from one ICAO to another), or airports classified as pseudo-airports (in case the airport does not exists in the flightsim). The elevation-column from previous versions was removed to make more room for the comment-column.
  • Added a new form to edit airport-redirections (redirect from one ICAO to another on import).
  • In the airport-info form you can now switch between showing flights for the selected flightplan/last search and all flights to/from the airport being displayed.
  • Added a new "Nearby Airports" tab-sheet to the Airport-info form, which shows a distance-sorted list of nearby airports.
  • In the previous versions all new aircraft were automatically added to the selection of favorite aircraft. From version 1.11 you must manually choose which are your favorites (upgrading from a previous version, your current selection of favorites will NOT be changed).
  • First letter of decoded-metar is now changed to uppercase, and a checkbox lets you decide if you want to perserve line-breaks in the decoded text copied to the clipboard.
  • Switched position of "Save" and "Cancel" buttons in airport-info form, to match layout of other forms.
  • Like elsewhere in the program, the airport search-browser now lists the icao-codes with an asterisk (*) for each airport that is a pseudo airport.
  • Greatly improved the responsiveness/performance of the browser-forms, when searching for : Airports, Airlines and Aircraft.
  • Managed to shave off a few 10th of a second loading/processing data at startup.
  • Added support for additional Aircraft. Many of the Airports in the supplied data-files were updated likewise some new Airlines were added as well.
  • Made the importer stronger to import flightplans where aircraft names are not in quotes, and multiweek days are written as "1/3" in stead of "10". 
  • Fixed: When manually redirecting an airport during import, the flightplan was not visualized corretly until re-loading the flightplan (e.g. restarting the program).
  • Fixed: Closing the Enable/Disable-flightplan using other means than the close-button would not make the program re-load active flightplans afterwards.
  • Fixed: Several of the combo-boxes on the airport-info form allowed text being entered into them.
  • Fixed: Corrected an issue with map-caching.


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