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Were is A330


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In Madrid Air Sim Meeting. Aerosoft Gmbh came. Talking to his CEO he told that A330 was going to be released mids May and there is no A330 for Aerosoft's CEO here is a picture I took with you in Madrid Air Sim Meeting to remember who I am and what you promise. 



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First, welcome to our forums.


I seriously doubt that our CEO "promised" the A330 would be released in May 2019.  Everytime I've heard him speak about the A330, including the meetings I'm in with him several times a month, he offers his best estimate based on the information at that time.


It is true that we'd hoped to have the A330 released by now, however we had some unforseen issues with the A318-A319 and A320-A321 and a non-flight sim related work which simply had to be addressed first.  Could we still get it out soon?  Sure, if we increased the cost of the A330 we could add a few more people, but Aerosoft is committed to offering high-end, affordable flight sim products.


Presently there is no date for release of the A330, though work continues at a good rate.


Best wishes.



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