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Jean Jacques Benattar

two questions about using PFPX

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I will have two things to ask you
the first: once the flight plan is established, how to have the detail of the weights and masses to enter TOPCAT
the second: can we enter the information of the A320 ULTIMAT FLIGT FACTOR
thank you

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Ensure the aircraft registration exists in both PFPX and Topcat and that weights/capacities match. Having released the flights use the 'SEND' button to transfer the data to topcat.


You can also link the aircraft  to topcat directly within PFPX in the 'aircraft editor' general tab. This allows for the performance calculations to be added to the OFP, the available options are not as extensive in this mode.




In relation to Topcat ?


Use one of the available CFM entries closest to the weight/capacity of the Flightfactor and adjust as necessary. An IAE option is not available.

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