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Mathijs Kok

Changes in support 2019

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Dear friends, I like to point explain to you some changes we have made in support. First of all, for FS2004, FSX. P3D, X-Plane support these forums are By FAR the best place to ask for help. Not only are all my support officers active here, but also many developers and above all other customers.


If you prefer support by email things have changed, however. We left our Zendesk based ticket system because it dropped 39.000 spam emails in our system, were unable to remove those (we could remove them 30 at a time or start creating a C++ module to speed things up). And that at a cost of over $10.000 a year. We moved to a ticket system handled by Zoho. We love them, they already handle our project management and bug tracking.   We are also trying to entice you to avoid to send an email to support and start using the 'form'.


There are two reasons for that.  The biggest reason is that it is a smart form.


Let's assume you got a problem with a serial code. You can send us an email and within 24 hours we'll get back to you. Of you use the form. See the screenshot. The ONLY thing I did was enter 'serial' in the topic (it would also work from the text body etc). Automatically the system will search our knowledge base and offer the same replies we would give to 95% of emails like this. 




About 50% of all support we do via email is handled by macros. It's about 90% effective. The form does EXACTLY the same. As a customer, you will just save a heck of a lot of time getting the answer directly we would have given you manually. As we add more information the system will learn. The keyword of 2019 seems to be AI, right? Well this is AI. And it works. It helps us and for sure it works for you.


The second reason this is good for you is that the form allows us to route tickets to one of our support officers MUCH faster than manually routing them. It just saves you a lot of time. 


And yes, we ask you if your question is urgent. Now before you tag a ticket about a light at an airport as 'urgent', let me ask you one thing. The next time you buy a product and can't get a download, you make a ticket and tag it as urgent. Which one of your tickets would you like have replied first. This afternoon a customer send in a ticket because he felt the white color we use on a train is incorrect. He felt that was an urgent question. 


So please... if you want private support, go here: https://helpdesk.aerosoft.com/portal/home . Of course, all email will be routed into this system, but the routing etc all takes time. The form is what you want.


If you still have any email address with 'zendesk' in it consider it invalid. Delete it. 



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