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First of all, thanks for the version 2, many things been corrected and many new handy features added.


I would like to ask for an easy feature request. It is good that NOTAMs can now be filtered by their relevance - time window relevant for the actual flight, however, these filtered NOTAMs are only displayed within application interface itself, not in OFP (so one would still get hundred pages in OFP for a typical pan-European flight). So the only practical use for NOTAM filtering is during flight planning, but as a pilot I would like to be able to scan relevant NOTAMs as well. Unfortunately, as I also used to do in the past, I still have to use some external service for NOTAM filtering based on their applicability and generate a document, in addition to PFPX OFP.


Also, it would be nice to mark NOTAMs in OFP by their category, as in application itself (e.g. 'airspace', 'runway', 'airway'). Anyone who actually uses NOTAMs knows what a headache it is to scan through dozens of NOTAM pages, 90% of which are either irrelevant due to time applicability or some non-sense messages, easily missing among that garbage a NOTAM about closed runway for example.


Please, consider these things for the next update.



Thank you!

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