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I've tried all the possible models but still the plane comes out with black wings...what should I do?

Here' the aircraft,cfg:


title                            = Airbus A319 Iberia EC-KHM
sim                                = A319
model                            =DAIBA
panel                            =
sound                            =
texture                          = Iberia EC-KHM
kb_checklists                    = AirbusA321_check
kb_reference                     = AirbusA321_ref
atc_id                            = EC-KHM
atc_airline                      = Iberia
atc_flight_number              = 1000
ui_manufacturer                 = Airbus
ui_type                           = A319-112 CFM
ui_variation                     = EC-KHM, Iberia
ui_typerole                      = Commercial Airliner
ui_createdby                       = JoabGamer
atc_parking_types               = GATE,RAMP
atc_parking_codes               = IBE
description                        = Iberia A319 One World livery made by JoabGamer





Thanks a lot for help

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Check your .cfg again. You're using model.DAIBA in the above .cfg file, but the picture shows A319 with Sharklets (model.SHARKLET), thats the wrong one.

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