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Heinz Flichtbeil

SAMv2 - Scenery Animation Manager: Installation...

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Here are some hints to the new SAM v2.0.2 (or higher) plugin for X-Plane 11.

The Scenery Animation Manager is used for many of our new scenes, but also for updates.


SAM is an X-Plane 11 plugin from Stairport Sceneries, which controls the animation in the scenes. For example, the jetway animation, the Marshaller, etc. .....

With SAM v2 also Seasons - summer - winter (X-Plane 11 default terrain and compatible airports)  and OrbX adjustments, etc ... -  are supported if the airport is compatible.....

In addition, the library "SAM_Seasons" v1.01+ must be installed.


SAM and the SAM_Seasons only need to be installed once. Unless there are updates.

Any SAM compatible scenery can then use the plugin.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -----------

The current plugin SAM v2 can be downloaded here.

The current SAM_Seasons Library can be downloaded here.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -----------


Please first delete an installed old version of SAM completely from the plugins and the Custom Scenery directory!


Installation of the SAM Plugin in X-Plane 11:

1. Unpack the downloaded zip file of Scenery Animation Manager (SAM v2) into an empty folder.

2. open the extracted directory.

3. you find a folder Resources

4. Copy this Resources folder directly into the installed X-Plane 11 main directory.

5. Done.


Installing the SAM_Seasons Library:

1. Unzip the downloaded SAM Seasons file into an empty folder.

2. open the unzipped folder.

3. you find again a Resources folder.

4. Copy this resources folder directly into the installed X-Plane 11 main directory.

5. Done.


The SAM Plugin and Seasons enter themselves (automatically) in the Cusom Scenery directory and the scenery_packs.ini file.


Check if everything is installed correctly:

Open the X-Plane 11 folder. Then open the Resources folder. Then open the plugins folder.

There must now be a SAM folder to find.

Open this. This includes, among other things, a lib folder.

Open this. There must be 3 folders in it:




If so, then everything is installed correctly.


Now, after starting X-Plane 11, there is an entry SAM in the Plugins menu.

This can be used e.g. to open the "Colors & Seasons" window to select the appropriate settings.

The scenery will be automatically reloaded, which may take a while ....!


For questions, please open a new topic with the corresponding title in this forum section.

Or right here: https://forum.thresholdx.net/clubs/9-sam-scenery-animation-manager/


Or here you find the Stairport Sceneries help pages and Support Ticket System:



Greets Heinz

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