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EDDS xplane install problem

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I just purchased EDDS and am new to xplane...I have many Fsx aerosoft titles but obviously the installation is different for xplane11. I downloaded the program to custom scenery and when opened the custom scenery folder there are 2 subfolders .... 



when I loaded up Xplane11 the scenery was still default. What do I need to do with the subfolders ?

Thanks in advance

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if you have downloaded the zip files,

then you can extract them.

In the extracted Stuttgart Folder you find the included folder "Custom Scenery".

There you find the three folders

Aerosoft - EDDS Stuttgart_1_Parked_Cars

Aerosoft - EDDS Stuttgart_2_Roads

Aerosoft - EDDS Stuttgart_3_Scenery


Only this three folders you have to copy into your Custom Scenery folder of your installed X-Plane 11 folder.


The additionally Static aircraft folder in the other extracted zip file

Aerosoft - Static Aircrafts

you also have to copy into your Custom Scenery folder.


Thats it.



Another way is to directly extract the downloaded zip folders into your installed X-Plane 11 main folder (not into the Custom Scenery folder).

Then the unzip program will copy the correct folders automatically into the correct Custom Scenery folder.


Greets Heinz

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