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An A220 in FSX/P3D ?

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Hello I don't know who I'm talking to right now because I'm new but I really hope a member of Aerosoft staff listens to me. So it wasn't long ago that Airbus bought the CSeries aircraft from Bombardier. And Airbus named these new planes: A220-100 (for CS100), and A220-300 (for CS300). And I just think these planes are beautiful! The cockpit, the cabin, the engines, the wings, everything is really beautiful on this plane! 


So I would like to know if Aerosoft could make an A220-100/300 because Aerosoft products are of very good quality! If someone reads this text and also wants an A220 on FSX/P3D, then share my text so that it is the most likely to be seen by an Aerosoft Staff. Thank you all. Goodbye :D





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