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Product Registration question

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I am now registered in this Aerosoft forum. It works good.

I purchased Wonderful Madeira scenery on line from SimMarket. I installed it and it works great!

Do I now have to "register" with Aerosoft for my screnery purchase or am I already registered for support because I purchased it On-Line.

If I have to register do I use the same password that I use for this forum or a different password?

I assume the process will be the same for all products I purchase from Aerosoft in the future

Best Regards,

Vaughan Martell

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Hello Vaughan,

When you purchased an Aerosoft Product you are immediately entitled to support, and we do that on the forums in the particular one that suits the product you may need support for.

Any updates though for download products purchased at Simmarket are available in your account there only and not from the main Aerosoft site.

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