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  1. Philippe, Thanks for the reply. I wondered if a wrong engine type was just a typo or the wrong engine was actually modeled/used in the software? A reply on the iFly forum also mentioned, as you did, that it was but a slight difference. Unknown reason for theengine type switch.
  2. Stephen, TOPCAT profiles had Pax=299 already in the correct format. I opened each of the PFPX Airccraft Templates (iFly747-400) . txt files (18 in all) into Notepad and saved again. Did a quick test and no error. Looks like a great fix! Thanks, much appreciated. Later I went to the TOPCAT folder and re-saved the 6 iFly747 files also ... just to be safe.
  3. Stephen, Thanks for the reply. Initially tried to get the iFLY 747-400 PFPX/TOPCAT templates from the Flight One library: But the file was not there (not found). So I posted on the iFly Fly747 P3D forum and was then sent download link for the profiles. I then added the profiles to TOPCAT and PFPX. I assumed the templates were previously tested (Ok, good to go). Also, I initially posted the problem(s) on the iFly747 P3D forum: I was told to post on other e.g. forums/support areas for help. My post was moved from the iFly 747-400 P3D Support area to the Pilots forum for user support (in case anyone want to have a look).. I have never edited any profiles in the past but I will have a look and try your suggested fixes.
  4. Hello, I have PFPXv2.03 , TOPCAT v2.74 and 1 year subscription. I have an error when : Adding an aircraft iFly747-400 into PFPX when using Add aircraft from template throws an error (see attached video). Encountered an improper argument. Note: I previously sent a ticket to FlightSimSoft but no reply.
  5. Hello, TOPCAT v2.74 PFPX v2.03 Engine type question. In TOPCAT the engine type is P4056 (screenshot). In PFPX the engine type is P4056-P3 (screenshot). Why is it not the same engine type in both TOPCAT and PFPX?
  6. Thanks for this follow up information and the support. Maybe I have an older manual .. no mention of this Schedule Editor as is present in our menu bar...
  7. I did not have log in and company data checked. Now I do. I seen a post in the forum that mentioned the schedule editor but could not find info on it in the manual .. or the forum.. Thanks for showing me what to click on. On my screnshot what is the "X Delete" used for in the Schedule area? Edit: I deleted my 2 scheduled flights using the schedule editor... then the "X Delete" became available for the remainder of the flights in the main Schedule... So, it is working .. I need more practice ! Thanks a'lot for getting me out of this jam.
  8. Stephen, Thanks for the reply. I am new to PFPX. I am on the Schedule .. showing all my flights from my repetitive schedule. "Deleting a schedule via the editor is working fine here. " How do I do that ... what do I click on ?
  9. Hello, PFPX v1289c In Schedule. I cannot get the "Delete" to become active (it is grayed out) so I can delete a flight inside a schedule. Or to delete the entire repetitive seven day schedule so I cdo a new one.
  10. Tom, Thanks for the hints. I purchased the new Subscription on 4 July 2017 but I failed to download the serial number and place it in the Coupon code / Purchase Coupon box and activate it inside PFPX. All ok now.
  11. Tom, Thanks for the reply. Subscription .. I renewed it. Edit: when I now selected WX from the top menu I got a subscription expired . I have ASN FSX, AS16 P3Dv3, AS16 P3Dv4 (beta). I just started ASN FSX and then started PFPX .. established the ASN FSX path. Got weather OK. Then went to weather setup and selected On Line , clicked OK. Wx Updating bottom of theMap Then a red "X" WX:None
  12. I am new to using PFPX. I cannot get its on line weather. Is the weather server down .. last few hours and again now?
  13. Mathijs, Thanks a lot for the Twin Otter in P3Dv4 .... much appreciated. The Twin Otter is a really great ride on each flight.
  14. " TacPack is not presently compatible with P3Dv3.X, only v2.5. " " In theory the F-14 Extended will be compatible with TacPack v3.X when that version is released...but we won't know until then. " Thank you for verifying. I do not have P3Dv2.5 installed so I will have to wait for the TacPack for P3D V3x update.
  15. Just to verify: With P3Dv3.1 and P3Dv3.2 the VRS TackPack will work ok with F14 Extended?
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