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EGLL Autogate

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I have just bought download Heathrow for xplane 11 but can't get autogates etc.

I have the latest version of autogate installed & see from the guide(written for XP10) about renaming the dfs file to +51-001.safedock in the Earth/nav/data for Aerosoft EGLL, I have tried this but must be doing something wrong as when I did I had no buildings.

Can someone advise please.

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i think, what you have done is not correct.

Do you have done exactly this? Important is point 1) and then point 2) in this order .


In this folder (<X-Plane 10 Root Folder>/Custom Scenery/Aerosoft - EGLL Airport London Heathrow/Earth nav data/+50-010) there are two dsf files. 
+51-001.dsf and +51-001.safedock .
1) Please rename at first the file +51-001.dsf into the name +51-001.no_safedock
2) Than rename the file +51-001.safedock into the name +51-001.dsf         
X-Plane 10/11 only uses the dsf file +51-001.dsf for the scenery and now it uses the dsf file with the safedocks ..
Greets Heinz

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