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Coordinates mess-up

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I fly various types of aircrafts, some with basic INS requiring manual coordinates entry. For various route conversions in other tools/formats I initially use .PLN route export feature (FS2004 FS9.1 format). I noticed that there were some inaccuracies in my navigation, upon further examination I discovered that they were rooted to PFPX, which really astonished me.


1. Upon export to FS2004 FS9.1 .PLN format, PFPX does not convert seconds to decimal minutes.


Example below

Actual point latitude N55° 12' 40" (i.e N55° 12.67')

Converted by PFPX  to FS2004 FS9.1 .PLN as N55* 12.40' - this is wrong since FS2004 PLN requires decimal minutes, not seconds

VFR planner, Plan-G upon export to FS9 .PLN correctly converts the same latitude to N55* 12.67'


Obviously, same about longitudes.


FSX .PLN format, on the other hand indeed requires degrees, minutes and seconds (exported by PFPX correctly).



2. Wrong coordinates rounding in navlog


In navlog seconds are converted to decimal minutes, but rounded incorrectly.


Same latitude as above (N55° 12.67') shown in navlog as N55 12.6, which is incorrect rounding for one decimal place (correct would be N55 12.7).

Wrong rounding of longitudes too.



Please correct these errors as this is pretty critical for navigation and in my opinion unacceptable kind of error for the kind of payware product !

I haven't checked other export formats, but I'm definitely less confident in the export feature now.







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