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One year access renewal

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Hi, I'm ending my one year access (will expire next 23 of june) to Nav Data Pro Charts.

I'm very satisfied of the product and I want to purchase another one year acces.

Should I buy another "new" one year access or is there a different way to buy the renewal?

If I buy the renewal today will it starts from today or from 23 of june?


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On 6/6/2017 at 2:29 PM, Fabian Boulegue said:



yes its simple as you did it the first time.

Just rebuy the product once and we will add the next 12month to your account :-)!


Fabian, can you please clarify this further for a dummies like me? :)


When exactly the clock will start ticking on a newly purchased subscription? Immediately after purchase? Or after the first login with a new key?

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as soon as you login into the app/webpage or where ever ;-) with your data the subscription is running and your days count ;-)!

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