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Lars Erik Kolden

ATR 72-500 missing bits?

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Hi, I just installed the latest update of the ATR 72-500. It's a nice plane, but there are several things I cannot find/use in the cockpit:

1. COM2 is not picking up anything. ATIS etc. works on COM1, but when tuned in on com2, silence. I cannot find any audio switches/knobs that works. Should there be something selectable in the audio panel below the VHF panel?

2. There are no bugs on the ASI, and the bug adjuster does nothing. 

3. Dme is following NAV1/2 and cannot be manually set?


Is this normal, or is something wrong with my installation? I do have Windows 10 and X-plane 10.42 64 bit steam edition.


I am a novice, so there could be something I have overlooked or misunderstood, but things don't quite match with the manual (for instance the asi bugs and the audio panel).


Edited some inaccuracies etc.



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