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  1. That's brilliant thank you that worked a treat!
  2. Sorry to re-open an old post but I also miss the the summary page and found it useful to have open when setting up. As there is a list of tick boxes allowing us to select which items we do and don't want in the print out would it not be an idea to include this and then those that don't want it can just leave it unticked. I know I may be taking an over simplified view of how it all works and what is needed to make it work but it seems a shame to lose a useful item rather than make it an option.
  3. @Piilot I had the same issue and it as Otto says it is one drive that is causing the issue, if you have one drive set to backup your Documents directory then it changes your default documents from \user\documents to \onedrive\documents. I turned off this option and reset my default documents folder back to where (I feel) it should be.
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