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  1. Be patient. Hopefully, now that the CRJ has been updated they will now start to give the Twotter some love. John.
  2. I just downloaded version using Aerosoft One. Is there a change log somewhere? John
  3. Hi Mathijs, I wonder if you could elaborate a little on this. This would seem to be rather fundamental to the modelling of turboprop aircraft. i.e. propeller pitch is a range which is used to vary power/thrust and drag. Beta range is a range and not a switch. I think that attempts to simulate changes in propeller pitch with invisible spoilers, while frequently done, and I guess is the only viable alternative, is rather kludgey. Is it your understanding that Asobo are in the process of making the propeller pitch range available to you in the future? Are you having discussions with Asobo regarding this issue? John.
  4. Yeah, have been looking at those addons but I really like the FBW A32nx approach.
  5. John2

    OAT gauge

    Thanks. Will look. John
  6. John2

    OAT gauge

    I am sure that it is there somewhere but for the life of me I can’t seem to find it. John.
  7. Okay. I get it. Good idea.
  8. I have Navigraph so charts are not the problem for me. What I would like is the ability to import the OFP from Simbrief so that when flying in VR I can refer to the OFP to get the load information, altitude, etc. It would also be good to have a page which shows the Vatsim controllers online and their frequencies. The FBW A320 nx has these abilities and I find it very useful. John.
  9. Well we may have strayed a tad off topic here. (I actually can't remember what the topic is.) Have a nice day Crabby.
  10. Well let's just agree to disagree. And here's another take on CAPS. https://www.wired.com/story/all-caps-because-internet-gretchen-mcculloch/#:~:text=WHEN YOU WRITE IN ALL,of typographical tone of voice.
  11. Dear me. So touchy. I am sorry that you took offence to my (admittedly clumsy) attempt at a little humour. But you must admit that you are trying to project a curmudgeonly persona with all those CAPS. And I am sure that I am not the first person to draw attention to the aptness of your nickname. But anyway, I do apologize if I caused you to take offense. John.
  12. Hmm. Interesting. I thought that the recent changes made by Asobo to prop physics could be used to simulate/produce prop drag. But perhaps I am wrong. John.
  13. Got it. (And your name.) John
  14. The release notes for 1.0.5 mention a new spoiler. What up with that? I didn't think the Twin Otter had spoilers. John.
  15. It would be more helpful if you could explain how he can go about "fixing the issue". This is why we have forums like this. So we can help each other. I don't get it.
  16. Watched your video and it was hard to see when you pressed a rotary button. With my G2 the baro knob seemed to work ok when I pressed it to set standard but neither the speed nor heading knob would take a press. I will try again. The other thing that would be nice for VR would be to enhance the EFB to be able to import the OFP from Simbrief (for loading fuel and load) and to have a page to show if there are VATSIM controllers online. The FBW A320 neo has these features.
  17. Well yes and that is what I have done with my TQ6 throttle quadrant as well. But you really only get one detent rather than the two that are required. You sort of get the right effect but it is better with the X-Plane Twotter where you have separate beta and reverse ranges. Also, with the current turboprop modelling in msfs I don't think the props are actually feathering the way they do in the real world and they are just simulating the increased drag. But hopefully that will come with a future sim update. Like the OP, I also find taxiing a bit of a challenge and it is hard to find that point in the range where the plane is neither speeding up or slowing down. John.
  18. Unfortunately, MSFS doesn't have this ability to set up separate detents for beta range and reverse. Hopefully it will come in the future. In the meantime, the developer has to provide a throttle calibration function. This is done for example in the FBW A320 neo for reverse, climb and flex detents.
  19. Well maybe but makes no sense to me. Seems like a no brainer win win win situation to me. What is the difference between this situation and the free Fly By Wire A320 neo mod? Win win win.
  20. I understand that this may be a copyright violation but it seems to me that the purpose of copyright is to protect the author from somebody who is trying to make money from their original work - i.e stealing from the author. If this person was selling the mod I could understand making an issue of it. But if the person is just helping the community and making it available for free, what's the harm? John
  21. That's weird. It used to happen to me periodically but I am pretty sure it was when Asobo was having weather issues. Hasn't happened to me for a while now.
  22. Maybe try North America to see if it happens there?
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