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  1. Thanks Mathijs! I've sent a post to the shop in question, just hope to hear back soonish
  2. Any idea on the time frame of it going to stores like Flight1 and so on? Just kinda eager to get back in the air heh!
  3. Glad to hear I'm not the only one having issues with the DC-8! The updater was telling me I had a new version, checked the version on my Flight1 Shop tool thing, still I assume the new version and installer will be put out over the next couple of days to the shops and so on? I thought it was some form of registry error on my end, then I wondered why I lost the Autopilot 2D pop up. Hah. Pity about no V5 compatibility, but It's perfectly fine by me, I own v5 but not alot of addons I use support it yet. But i'm glad to see the DC-8 is getting some new features, as it's a fantastic bird. One of my favourite airliners ever. Just wish I was old enough to have experienced one IRL as a passenger! Steam Gauge airliners all the way, dislike the mainstream sim birds (Axxx/Bxxx) they're just pop in a flight plan roll out and that's it. At least with the DC-8 we get decent simulation and systems, the INS is one of my favourites. Surpasses the old 2D panel Delco CIVA INS that was free for FS9 and X, love it. Kindest regards, Kris.
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