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  1. Hi, due to holiday and a lot of work I didn't keep pace with this topic the last weeks: I am a little confused about the last updates postet in the A330 Preview Thread. They're all concerning a AirbusA318-321 cockpit overwork!? What's with the A330? No more updates? I remember that once you said, it is not so much development work from the A320 to the A330. Now the A330 updates seem to dissapear an this topic consists of updates of the A318-321. Maybe someone could give a state of development of the A330? Btw, I think it would be more clearly, to post exclusively the A330 related news in this topic called "A330 preview" and open maybe another preview for the A318-321 overwork. But perhaps I'm wrong and I overlooked a detail in the older posts. Thx, Jack
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