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  1. @Hans Hartmann, after a bit of trial & error I think that my problem had been that I used to develop plans without SID nor STARS, containing no runway information, too. That's because I'm preparing a bunch of plans in advance without knowing anything about the future weather. Most are quite short legs as some friends and I use to fly once a week (a bit "Wild West"), touching sometimes up to four destinations - not as real as it gets, I'm afraid. There isn't much time for extensive manual inputs. However, obviously the plans are requiring at least this information - and it seems that there
  2. Thanks Hans, the same waypoint appears here. I'll try simbrief.com. Actually, up to now I thought that Aerosoft would take care about compatibility between products being published (for the same platform) under their label. Well, to err is human... Stay heathy!
  3. Hi Hans, actually I can't see it to by my problem that PFPX may not work correctly. Even if I really like the bird when flying it, I mostly used it when flying alone and without any need to coordinate my flights with other guys (no problem to enter a plan for each leg manually). Hmm, it might even be my own problem and a handling mistake, however, this plan (it's attached) looks quite simple to me and I would appreciate a hint where to look at. LEMHDAAG01.flp
  4. Even is it seems to be a minority having problems with loading flight plans for the CRJ, I still have no solution. First attempt: via INDEX -> ROUTE MENU -> PILOT ROUTE LIST -> ORIG:DEST (ROUTE LOADED) -> SEC FPLN -> ACTIVATE -> EXEC As far as I understood, this is the way described in the Forums's FAQ and as well by Hans in a thread quite a while ago. What happened: SEC FPLN at least came back with both ICAO, the DIST =196 (that's Great Circle dist) and the planned RWY, but after pushing EXEC the DIST became 1 . As I did it several times, I know that
  5. Hi Hans, Sorry for kicking in months later, but after quite a long time of not using this bird I just updated my CRJ only a few days ago (I'm still on FSXA) and tumbled over the same issue as @Tobus did in July. And as he did, I checked different configurations and scenarios. A-- Just loaded a cold&dark flight: After saving a previous flight in a fully cold&dark state (no external generator and Battery Master OFF), it comes up after a reboot of the sim with presets I didn't made myself (DAVE had been not used so far). * MASTER CAUTION: ON * DC-Ser
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