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  1. Hi Hans, Sorry for kicking in months later, but after quite a long time of not using this bird I just updated my CRJ only a few days ago (I'm still on FSXA) and tumbled over the same issue as @Tobus did in July. And as he did, I checked different configurations and scenarios. A-- Just loaded a cold&dark flight: After saving a previous flight in a fully cold&dark state (no external generator and Battery Master OFF), it comes up after a reboot of the sim with presets I didn't made myself (DAVE had been not used so far). * MASTER CAUTION: ON * DC-Service: ON * BAT MASTER: ON * ISOL: CLSD * BLEED SOURCE: BOTH ENG * EXTERNAL LIGHTS: NAV, BEACON, LOGO = ON The APU starts normal Any attempt starting the engines fails Asking DAVE for setting up the plane to be ready for engine start leads to the never ending message: "Engines shutting down. Please wait..." B-- Same scenario as before, but nothing done before switching on DAVE and selecting "Ready for Engine Start". C-- After nothing happens, loading the default C172 (it loads with active 2D-panel) and starting its engine, back to the CRJ7 (running engines): Asking DAVE for Cold & Dark --> Okay (everything is dark) Asking DAVE for Ready for Engines Start --> Completed (however, MASTER WARNING & MASTER CAUTION are both illuminated) Starting #2 --> OK D-- Any scenario works when having loaded a default bird before booting the CRJ. E-- Any history before works as well, when asking DAVE to be ready for taxiing, then asking first for Cold & Dark and then for "Ready for Engine Start" or setting the bird up manually. I think I got it all. I can live with the last work flow, however, there must be a bug somewhere. Best regards
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