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  1. @Hans Hartmann, after a bit of trial & error I think that my problem had been that I used to develop plans without SID nor STARS, containing no runway information, too. That's because I'm preparing a bunch of plans in advance without knowing anything about the future weather. Most are quite short legs as some friends and I use to fly once a week (a bit "Wild West"), touching sometimes up to four destinations - not as real as it gets, I'm afraid. There isn't much time for extensive manual inputs. However, obviously the plans are requiring at least this information - and it seems that there must be a least a DCT to the first airway entry waypoint (not included by PFPX). This simple plan loaded fine, while the planner came back just with Airway1. [CoRte] ArptDep=DABC ArptArr=DTTA RwyDep=DABC31 RwyArr=DTTA29 DctWpt1=CSO Airway2=UW254 Airway2FROM=CSO Airway2TO=TUC Now I'm a bit puzzled as I edited (manually) a simple example with two of four possible rwy-variations, distinguishing the file names just by numbers. The result had been two visible and accessible plans, listed in the CDU , where I cannot see any difference before loading one of them. I would be interested how pilots in reality would know which one to select. BTW, it's nothing bothering me too much.
  2. Thanks Hans, the same waypoint appears here. I'll try simbrief.com. Actually, up to now I thought that Aerosoft would take care about compatibility between products being published (for the same platform) under their label. Well, to err is human... Stay heathy!
  3. Hi Hans, actually I can't see it to by my problem that PFPX may not work correctly. Even if I really like the bird when flying it, I mostly used it when flying alone and without any need to coordinate my flights with other guys (no problem to enter a plan for each leg manually). Hmm, it might even be my own problem and a handling mistake, however, this plan (it's attached) looks quite simple to me and I would appreciate a hint where to look at. LEMHDAAG01.flp
  4. Even is it seems to be a minority having problems with loading flight plans for the CRJ, I still have no solution. First attempt: via INDEX -> ROUTE MENU -> PILOT ROUTE LIST -> ORIG:DEST (ROUTE LOADED) -> SEC FPLN -> ACTIVATE -> EXEC As far as I understood, this is the way described in the Forums's FAQ and as well by Hans in a thread quite a while ago. What happened: SEC FPLN at least came back with both ICAO, the DIST =196 (that's Great Circle dist) and the planned RWY, but after pushing EXEC the DIST became 1 . As I did it several times, I know that no legs are shown in both, ACT FPLN and SEC FPLN in any phase (before and after executing ACTIVATE and/or EXEC). Second attempt: when typing in directly the name ORIGDEST01 (of course with correct ICAO codes) the distance 196 is shown again (at least the first lines of the plan are obviously recognised. It's funny, typing the not existing filename ORIGDEST does not change anything and reports LOADED as well. Probably it's a limitation of the real thing as it obviously just looks for the originating and the destination airports. I'd changed the filename for curiosity and at least the listing worked as before like ORIG:DEST. In any case the flight plan is empty. Everything else is fine. Typing in plans manually is no problem at all and the chain CRJ MANAGER -> DAVE - FMC works as well. The flight plans are produced by using PFPX and all packages are up-to-date, including the NAVIGRAPH database. What could be the reason???
  5. Hi Hans, Sorry for kicking in months later, but after quite a long time of not using this bird I just updated my CRJ only a few days ago (I'm still on FSXA) and tumbled over the same issue as @Tobus did in July. And as he did, I checked different configurations and scenarios. A-- Just loaded a cold&dark flight: After saving a previous flight in a fully cold&dark state (no external generator and Battery Master OFF), it comes up after a reboot of the sim with presets I didn't made myself (DAVE had been not used so far). * MASTER CAUTION: ON * DC-Service: ON * BAT MASTER: ON * ISOL: CLSD * BLEED SOURCE: BOTH ENG * EXTERNAL LIGHTS: NAV, BEACON, LOGO = ON The APU starts normal Any attempt starting the engines fails Asking DAVE for setting up the plane to be ready for engine start leads to the never ending message: "Engines shutting down. Please wait..." B-- Same scenario as before, but nothing done before switching on DAVE and selecting "Ready for Engine Start". C-- After nothing happens, loading the default C172 (it loads with active 2D-panel) and starting its engine, back to the CRJ7 (running engines): Asking DAVE for Cold & Dark --> Okay (everything is dark) Asking DAVE for Ready for Engines Start --> Completed (however, MASTER WARNING & MASTER CAUTION are both illuminated) Starting #2 --> OK D-- Any scenario works when having loaded a default bird before booting the CRJ. E-- Any history before works as well, when asking DAVE to be ready for taxiing, then asking first for Cold & Dark and then for "Ready for Engine Start" or setting the bird up manually. I think I got it all. I can live with the last work flow, however, there must be a bug somewhere. Best regards
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