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  1. Yes, the MCDU display in the VC should be like the one of the 2D MCDU. And this concern exists on all Aerosoft Airbus planes, not only the A330.
  2. You did not read the topic fully. There is a problem on tablets too, as indicated above by GL5.. And tablet or not, there is a problem here.
  3. Yes, Aerosoft is far from FlightSimLabs in this area. What do you mean? AFAIK Aerosoft is far from FlightSimLabs in this area.
  4. Hi, I have exactly the same problem on A320 (version 1300) MCDU. On iPad Pro or Samsung tablet, using Firefox or Chrome browser, same problem. Very difficult to read the small letters. Patrice.
  5. Ok, thank you all, I will do some more tests. Querer, Regarding core 0, what I mean is that I reserve it for windows, mainly, to be sure the system runs fine. That’s why I did not use core 0 with P3d as I know that P3d is a very demanding app. And I ran all other addons also on core 0. But: I just made a test with removing all AF data (in P3d and all add-ons) in Process Lasso and all runs well, so ok regarding this point, but no performance increase to be noticed (almost the same as before, maybe slightly better). Dave, I will try your suggestions and check what will happen then. I will give you a feedback. Regarding a stress test, I will skip this for the moment as ambiant temps are high now in Brittany. Regarding the initial problem, Today, I made several flights with the AS A320 Bus and did not see the problem, even when P3D pause while loading scenery elements. Maybe This is ok now since I made some housekeeping in my P3D? Thanks again to you all. Patrice
  6. I do nothing in p3d.cfg. I use only process lasso for affinity mask setting (for p3d and all add-ons)
  7. Hi Dave, I will keep my affinity mask. Why? Because if I remove it (and I tried it) , ChasePlane and LittleNavMap tools stop operating properly : They have lots of lags and are not responding, with erratic behavior. (For Chaseplane in particular, it becomes unusable and for a moment, I thought that my sim was totally broken). And it may be also not good for Windows too. So, for security reasons, I prefer to keep core 0 for other usage than P3D. And this works well. And thanks to Process Lasso, this is very easy to set up, even on the fly if I want to play with this. Below my settings (attached): Nothing strange here I think. Patrice.
  8. Hello Dave, Here are my system specs: CM ASUS Maximus X hero, Proc. core i7-9700K à 5000 Mhz, 32GO RAM DDR4 GSkill 3000 Mhz, CG MSI RTX 2080 Ventus 8 GO VRAM, 2 Monitors ASUS ROG PG279Q + PG278Q no G-sync (1440*2560), Alim Seasonic X 760W, OS Windows 10 PRO x64, OS and programs On a Samsung 860 EVO NVME SSD 500 GB, P3D sw on a dedicated SSD Crucial X500 2TB, ORBX and some sceneries on a Samsung 850 EVO 2TB SSD, other storage Seagate Constellation 2TB. GPU overclock: none I use also Process Lasso for P3D affinity setting (to cores 1 to 7, core 0 excluded) and process priorities/control/execution smoothing. Patrice.
  9. Hi, I post this problem here as it has been discussed and developed on AVSIM forums Problem: When the frame rates become too low (for instance when P3D loads a lots of files related to the coming scenery), the bus becomes completely erratic and uncontrollable: It climbs, descent, rolls, flaps move, speed brakes open/close, etc. This occurs whit any version of the Bus (A318 to A321). Version 1241. As soon as the frame rates become normal (i.e 20 fps or more), things return to normal. Useless to say that this is totally unrealistic! So, do you expect to study and solve this problem which is a major flaw (for your information, Fslabs Airbus do not have this behavior). Thanks. Patrice.
  10. Hello, No one here to check/answer to, my problem? Patrice
  11. Hi Aerosoft team, I just updated my A320 Pro with the version 1240. All seems fine except the MCDU NAV/RAD page. I explain below. In this RAD/NAV page we can enter VOR, ILS, ADF identificators. I made a flight from Dublin to Glasgow. I tuned first the IOM VOR. Ok , it displays corretly as attended. Note tha IOM is the only VOR known with this ident. After that, I tuned the VOR of TRN. Sor I enter TRN in the scrachpad and click on one of the VOR fields of the MCDU (Left one). Doing this, the MCDU displays a list of VORs named all TRN (as there are many VORs named like this). I choosed the first one (by clicking the corresponding side key) and what happens, the VOR field of the NAV/RAD page remained blank. The only way to solve this is to enter the frequency of the chosen TRN VOR instead of the ident. Entering the frequency, the VOR field is updated as attended. So there is a bug here, that were not present in version 1230. Same problem for the ILS of Glasgow (IUU) as there are 2 ILS named like this (the one of Glasgow and another one), the ILS field cannot be updated via the ident, but also only by entering the frequency (here 110.10). So, to sum up the problem: as soon as there are multiple objects (VOR, ILS) with the same ident (Here TRN or IUU), we cannot enter the corresponding field in the MCDU (after the choice screen),. We can only set the field by entering the corresponding frequency. Never seen this on version 1230. I just made a short flight from Dublin to Glasgow with the A320 (no flight plan) and noticed no other problem (Climb is Ok, approach is OK). I did not tested neither the A318/A319, nor the A321. Thanks. Patrice.
  12. Hi FWAviation, I had the same issue with 1232 version (reinstalled 2 times, same behaviour). Each approach ended by a crash before reaching the runway. Finally ended this by going back to version 1230 that has no issue like this. With the 1232 version I also have to mention that the speeds numbers displayed on the speed tape (top and bottom, blue numbers) of the PFD are blinking rapidly during the climb phase (never seen that on 1230, in selected speed mode) Patrice.
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