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  1. Wow thanks for the quick fix, Its close enough to the ground that you do not notice the float unless you really look. Will this file be in the next update or just used if I notice it again? Thanks Again
  2. OK so this is the issue in P3dv4 I have completed all the steps in the beginning of this thread. This happens to every aircraft. GSX is updated as is P3dv4 and all works fine.
  3. This scenery is still not fixed.....every aircraft i load in floats maybe 1/2 m off the ground has done for every version. I have since reinstalled on new SSD and removed P3dv4 & 3 from previous SSD and still its there done a search on any files LPMA and found no other AFD's or BGLs from previous versions but still the aircraft float. This scenrey has been unusable since day 1 I give up now.....
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