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  1. METARs are still not updated. Just pulled this for EDDF, so it's one day old already:
  2. Same here. METARs still missing, the rest works fine it seems.
  3. Okay, that's weird. It's not doing that for me although I copied your updated FIR.dat into the folder. I remain at kts all the time.
  4. I was asking because I hovered over the FIR name and saw that New York was also set as kts. But I just calculated a flight plan and that looks fine. All Mach Numbers from Entry to Exit. Only for the Pacific region, it doesn't seem to give Mach numbers, but then again I don't know if that's correct or not. Example flight: RJTT-KLAS (flown yesterday) ROVE1A INUBO Y808 NOLAX Y814 AVBET OTR9 EMRON DCT 40N160E 41N165E 41N170E 41N180E 41N170W 41N160W 41N150W 42N140W 41N130W DCT TRYSH DCT AMAKR DCT PYE DCT MOD DCT FRA DCT BTY SUNST4
  5. Sorry for digging out this old topic, however, I think it fits. Out of curiosity, I clicked on Crew info, just to see that there is no template for this. But now, in the "Results" tab, I have the Crew Info tab which is of no use for me. Is there any way to get rid of it? I couldn't find anything how to close the "Crew info" tab. EDIT: Nevermind. It seems, if you delete the Crew info file in the folder, PFPX will not be able to find it and then removes the tab.
  6. Thanks for the file! Just out of curiosity: KZWY (New York Oceanic) is also set to kts, same with KZAK (Oakland Oceanic). I'm not sure if they also have to be in Mach or not. Does anyone know this?
  7. I know I can set it to a fixed Mach myself. I'm just wondering why PFPX doesn't do this by itself or why it does switch back to a TAS exactly at 30W all the time? Maybe there is a reason behind it and PFPX is correct or it is just a bug.
  8. Hello, as far as my understanding is, you have to maintain a constant Mach number when overflying the North Atlantic (like .85). I noticed however, that for some reason on random routings across the North Atlantic, PFPX only gives a fixed mach number for the first half and from 30W it resumes with what I believe Cost index speed (at least in the flight plan it gives a TAS at 30W instead of a Mach No.). It doesn't matter if it's eastbound or westbound but it always occurs at 30W. And as far as I remember, it only affects random routings. On NAT Tracks it seems to be a fixed mach for
  9. Hello @inlovewithBoeing, is there a chance you'd work on a 787 profile?
  10. You would change just because of some people walking around the aircraft? Wow, that is a bit ridiculous.
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