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  1. I have previous v1.28 Since we are writing about v2.03 just one question: Do I need to uninstall v1.28 and install v2.03 AFTER that? Tks
  2. I have some of your sceneries (Madri, Barcelona, Rome, Heathrow, Frankfurt, Zurich). Is there any known issue with FTX EU England, North & South Germany? Tks
  3. cirurgiao

    Aerosoft's Mega Sceneries & ORBX

    Tks you2 Juergen. Trouble is that I've been trying to get some answer for some days now and no one cared to gave it. Tom clarified it. Anyway I'll look ORBX TX compatibility forum.
  4. cirurgiao

    Aerosoft's Mega Sceneries & ORBX

    Tks again, Tom
  5. cirurgiao

    Problems after Update P3Dv4.3

    I have 4.2 with acfts (PMDG's 737/777+QW's 787-8/-9+CARENADO & WILCO'S Falcon7X) + sceneries addons (all sceneries from AEROSOFT's) . Will 4.3 change it? Is there something that I need to do before upgrading to 4.3? Tks
  6. Sorry. Just discovered the problem. FF767-300ER was made to work in v10, so it didn't "see" DEP/ARR in v11 It was corrected by creating a path (already written in this forum) .../X-Plane11/CustomData/GNS430/navdata/Proc Would like to edit my post but it timedout for this so I'm answering it myself
  7. I bought FF767-300ER and installed it as follow: ...X-Plane11/Aircraft/FlightFactor/Boeing 767-300ER and it's there. I mapped my Navigraph do intall at .../X-Plane11/CustomData I mapped my PFPX to Airbus Extended as instructed. 1) the Airac cycle is correct (1713) as show in my FMC 2) I got my saved flightplan, write both Departure & Arrival then write the saved flightplan and activate it. Everything is shown. 3) BUT when I try to go to DEP/ARR button nothing happens, no rwy or departure procedure is shown. Since there as instructions at X-Plane 11 forum about where to send Navigraph's or NavPro's Airac data .../CustomData which I did, how can't I get DEP/ARR? Tks
  8. cirurgiao

    FF767 ER300

    I'd like to say tks. I found an Airbus Extended extension in PFPX then mapped it as instructed and it worked just fine I created a path ...X-Plane 11/Aircraft/FlightFactor/FF767-300ER and everything is ok.
  9. cirurgiao

    FF767 ER300

    Hi, guys, sorry if my question seem dumbies but i need a lot of help here in this topic I have some doubts too, the same as written above, BUT not questioning money paid for either PFPX, X-Plane 11 & B767-300ER I use Navigraph Ultimate. I installed B767-300ER directly inside .../Aircraft. Is it wrong? Should I create a FlightFactor folder -> ...X-Plane11/Aircraft/FlightFactor/Boeing767-300ER? 1) Where can I find Airbus Extended? I didn't buy it for X-Plane 11 2) There is an ...X-Plane11/Output/FMS plans folders and I think is where PFPX flightplans should be exported. Am I wrong? 3) I have this config ..X-Plane11/Aircraft/Boeing767-300ER/data/navdata 3a) navdata (Airports, ATS, cycle, navaids & waypoints) plus a Proc folder. 4) Is there a correct place to export PFPX to 767-300ER? Tks