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  1. I've installed and activated World Jetways correctly, and tried it with both the Zibo and stock 737. While the AOS menu door is visible in manual mode, it is not clickable,
  2. I also have this bug, it's very frustrating that there has been no news from FSS.
  3. So is this getting the TOPCAT treatment? Development abandoned, bugs left, sales continued?
  4. https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/143043-pfpx-planning-early-descent-when-step-climb-enabled/&tab=comments#comment-923227
  5. The current version of PFPX has some breaking issues (step climb cruise altitude bug, for example). Any news on an update?
  6. Is there an ETA for the next patch? The step climb bug is pretty breaking/irritating.
  7. Even if EDTO is not required/disabled, adequate airports are still added and go points are in the flight plan. Could the next version allow this to be disabled?
  8. It seems that a work-around is to set step climb to no for short flights, and only turn it on for longer flights.
  9. Not sure if this helps, but this bug appears to only occur when the flight doesn't require a step climb. It looks like when a step climb isn't required, PFPX sets an excessively low initial altitude and an early descent.
  10. As seen here: https://imgur.com/a/XXL5zYp An early descent and level-off is planned shortly before the actual TOD. Any idea on why this would happen? No restrictions are shown in the route. Disabling step climb (setting it to "no") prevents this from happening.
  11. Actually, I was wrong about the early descent and level off being due to the new profile. I'll make a new thread
  12. Quick question about the AirlinerPerformance profile: ECON climb works fine, but ECON descent results in an early descent and level off before the final descent.
  13. Is there a way to change the default PIC name to either be blank or a different name, rather than defaulting to the dispatcher/licensee name? This was an option previously.
  14. @srcooke Thanks for the link, I'll try out those profiles! @Emanuel Thanks for the info. So, would you recommend just picking the 250/300/.8 if it fits the fuel burn better? Also, is there a way to adjust climb bias?
  15. I recently came back to using PFPX and the PMDG NGX (800WL) after a while of using neither. While I eventually sorted out most of PFPX's many issues with this model (wrong weights and optimum altitudes), I seem to be getting excessive climb fuel consumption because the profile the NGX uses is not available in PFPX. While the NGX climbs at 250/300/.78, only 250/280/78 and 250/300/80 are available in PFPX. It also seems that the climb bias option has been removed in an update to PFPX. Can the climb profile be changed?
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