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  1. Hi mopperle, I installed the mentioned experimental version and it seems to be working now. I never did any gsx aircraft customizing but I also hit the "reset" button in the gsx aircraft customization screen... just to be sure, that nothing bad will remain behind the scenes. I think this issue is solved for me now. Thank you very much! best regards, Sven
  2. Hello Mopperle, yes, I am using GSX Level 2 (latest available version today). I am usualy faced with the issue, after the catering trucks of GSX are done with their work and I want to close. It is worth to mention that as soon as the catering trucks arrived at the plane, GSX opens both right handed doors. GSX shows continuously the message "Please open Exit 3". Please also note, that a temporary deactivation and/or reset of GSX does not solve the issue (for me). thanks for your support, Sven
  3. Hi, when both doors on the right side of the airplane are open, it is impossible to close both of them. It is possible to close the right AFT door via the settings MCDU, but as soon as I press the button for the right FRONT door, the AFT door opens again, while the FRONT door closes and immidiately opens as well. I don't have the problem with the A318/A319. I expirienced this issue with P3D 4.4 AND 4.5. I did a FULL re-install with all add-ons of P3D when switching from 4.4 to 4.5. I've installed the latest available version for the Aerosoft Airbuses. Any advice how to fix this problem? thx and br, Sven
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