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  1. It should turn on automatically when climbing through 31600 feet. (I don't know why they picked that)
  2. Interestingly the ground pitch and roll bubbles are modeled in the AS version.
  3. Happened in V4 also when I was playing around with it using keyboard only without my hardware hooked up.
  4. In regards to the panel state issue, you can save a user defined state with the FMS, but it can't be selected as a default state nor can it be selected via Dave. It would be great if we could select a user state as default-- that way we could create whatever long turn/ short turn variation we want. Don
  5. P3Dv4 with AS16 Took off with WXR on and displaying on ND-- got a terrain warning after takeoff, and it auto-switched to TERRAIN-- all good so far, but then as I climbed out, clear of terrain and with no more warnings, I could not get it to switch back over to WX, the display remained fixed on Terrain. Tried from both Capt and FO's side. Tried cycling the WXR off and on, no luck-- any ideas or procedure I'm missing? Don
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