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  1. Before starting the engines, the tanks were full! After starting the engines, FUEL STARTED TO LEAVE the tanks, then the wing tanks reset to zero, then a message appeared about the low pressure level of the fuel system.
  2. After starting the FSX, even with full tanks of kerosene, the plane dumps fuel and the engines stall. What is the problem? An honest purchased product, windows 10 x64 ....?
  3. How to enter data for any airport, following the example of the above? These data help to perform visual maneuver. Pilots, on the other hand, didn’t just fly up to the airport and, as they pleased, made a noose and sat down.
  4. Good afternoon! Tell me, how can I program a visual route, a visual maneuvering scheme in Aerosoft Airbus? How to create points for making a visual approach, as shown in the screenshots, for example ...? Visual Approach RW07 UNNT
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