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  1. Lude2Envy

    What future for TOPCAT?

    I emailed Christian directly back when we were testing EFB v2. He replied to my initial email, but ignored me after that when I asked for the source code to make additional TOPCAT profiles. He even said in a post on the TOPCAT forum that he would give them out to anybody who wants to make additional profiles. He's a shady character for some reason and nobody knows why.
  2. Lude2Envy Issues

    It's a shame they're giving all of this TLC to the Airbus in v4 with True Glass and Real Light, but not the CRJ.
  3. Lude2Envy Issues

    It appears to also only turn the lights on or off. Rheostats are supposed to adjusts the brightness level. Was it also intentional to only have one brightness level?
  4. Lude2Envy Issues

    I'm using P3D v4.2 and yes, I have version 1.0.5 installed. Yes, in my original post I said: "Made a change to my route in the FMS and it didn't reflect the change on the ND after executing the change." It appears that the all of the integ panel lighting in the entire flight deck is being controlled by the rheostat knob on the center pedestal. I'm not sure why other than it's a bug.
  5. 1. Still noticing some erratic autopilot behavior when joining a course. 2. Integ lighting on main panel doesn't work and overhead panel lighting doesn't work. How about including Real Light and True Glass for this plane like you're doing for the Airbus. 3. When loading BETES 2 SID off of runway 33R in CYYZ, the FMS loaded the SID from OAKVL - it completely skipped NUBAX and TANGU. 4. The giant click spot in the windshield for the HGS is really annoying. 5. Made a change to my route in the FMS and it didn't reflect the change on the ND after executing the change. The AP still tried to fly the old route depicted on the ND instead of the new route in the FMS.
  6. Lude2Envy

    New update - New issues

    Just installed today. It took a couple applications of the parking brake before I was able to set the chocks, GPU, and AIR in the EFB. I get the AVAIL light in the AC switch, but the Battery Master does nothing. Neither does the AC switch and DC Service switch. I also get that repetitive clicking noise with the AC switch that the OP mentioned. As of right now I am unable to power up the CRJ from a C&D state.
  7. Another thing in the CRJ manager, the crew weight isn't included with passenger weight. The crew weight is already factored into the aircraft's empty weight. The only thing you would add with the passenger weight is an ACM in the jumpseat.
  8. Great news! Don't forget to take a break and spend some time with your family over the holidays.
  9. In the real world they're counted as either an adult or child and by season, winter or summer. The winter weight is 5lbs heavier than the summer weight. Also, why not have the CRJ manager be able to detect updates and download/install the necessary files so a complete uninstall/reinstall isn't required every time?
  10. 1. The plane randomly turns off course and then back on course in cruise. 2. FMS doesn't load STARS properly. Tried to load the MAUDD4 with the ILS 17L into KSDF and it never loaded any points past TUKKR. UNCKL was the last waypoint I entered as part of my route. It's also where I intended to pick up the STAR from. When I chose the MAUDD4 with the UNCKL transition from the arrivals page, it loaded a bunch of random waypoints after the UNCKL that I put in, and then loaded the STAR from UNCKL to TUKKR. Then like I said, it never loaded any of the STAR waypoints past TUKKR. It went straight to RACRR from the approach. 3. Can't clear discontinuities. It won't let you delete discontinuities and if you try to click on the next LSK to close the discontinuity, it deletes the selected fix. 4. Autopilot will track a course with the CDI a dot and a half off center. 5. FMS randomly deletes waypoints when you try to line select them. This aircraft is clearly not finished and never should've been released in the condition it's in.
  11. Read my post in this thread. I fixed the TQ6 issue with the CRJ configuration manager.
  12. Thanks for addressing this. In Europe a lot of STARs transition you to the initial approach fix, or some segment of the approach, for a specific instrument approach. In the U.S., however, a lot of the STARs don't take you to an approach fix. They put you in position to receive vectors to the final approach course. The HOBRK2 I mentioned in my OP is a good example of this.
  13. Not sure if this bug has been mentioned yet, but I took off with only my STAR loaded into the FMS. When I got closer to the destination and tried to load the approach, the FMS is only giving me approach options for one runway. The STAR favors all runways according to the plate. The STAR I have loaded in the HOBRK2 into KMEM but it'll only let me select approaches for runway 9. If this bug has been mentioned already I apologize.
  14. Hey Guys. Last night I found an options tab in the CRJ manager. It's on the bottom left. Go to the options page and set your throttles to FSUIPC with or without reversers. Choose withOUT if you use buttons for reversers. Then calibrate normally and everything should work fine.
  15. Mine was going through the full axis range in the FSUIPC calibration window, but the throttles still would not go past 50% N1. Someone on Avsim said he assigned his in FSUIPC but did not set the calibration in FSUIPC. I tried it and it worked for me. I did the same thing for my flaps lever and that works too now. This is really, really strange behavior. Definitely something to do with the CRJ.