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  1. Yes that's what it said. It still doesn't say that's the only way to update it, just to download a new installer. PMDG is courteous enough to tell us when a full reinstall is required for an update instead of just using some vague language like that. It'd be nice if Aerosoft did the same.
  2. It says "No updates available for this product" now after you uninstall the old version and install It does not say that with the previous version installed.
  3. I read the entire message in the Updater. It doesn't say anywhere about having to do a full install. It just says a "New Installer Is Available For This Product." No need to be an ass about it.
  4. The Aerosoft Update is showing an update for the MSFS CRJ, but the update button is grayed out. Does this update require a full reinstall or is it an issue with the updater? Thanks.
  5. Good afternoon. How can we map a joystick axis to the steering tiller for the CRJ in MSFS? Thank you.
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